Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Carlo Alessio Goldoni, his grandfather, dies in Venice, 1703.
Goldoni born in Venice, February 25, 1707.
Enters Jesuit college at Perugia, 1719.
Studies philosophy in Rimini, under Candini, 1720.
Runs away from Rimini with company of actors, 1721.
Lives with his family in Chioggia, and accompanies his father on his medical visits, 1721 and 1722.
Studies law with his uncle Indric, in Venice, 1722.
Admitted to the Ghislieri College in Pavia, 1723.
Expelled from college for a libellous writing, 1725.
Studies law in Modena, 1726.
Appointed clerk in the criminal chancellery of Chioggia, 1727.
Appointed to a similar position at Feltre, 1729.
Leaves Feltre ( 1730), and is with his father when he dies at Bagnacavallo, 1731.
Receives degree of Doctor of Law at Padua, 1732.
Mother leaves Venice for Modena, 1732.
Admitted to the Venetian bar, 1732.
Burns his tragedy Amalasunta at Milan, after it is refused, 1733.
Appointed secretary to the Venetian minister at Milan, 1733.
Goes with the Venetian minister to Crema when the French and Sardinians attack Milan, 1733.
Dismissed from his diplomatic position, and leaves Crema, 1734.
Imer engages him to write plays for the San Samuele Theatre at Venice, 1734.
Has love affair with an actress, who deceives him, 1735.
Goes to Genoa, and meets and marries Nicoletta Connio, with whom he returns to Venice, 1736.
Appointed Genoese consul in Venice, 1740.
From which position he resigns in 1744.
Practises law in Pisa, 1744.
Writes a play for the Medebach players who are visiting Leghorn, 1745.
Agrees to write plays for Medebach, of Sant' Angelo Theatre, Venice, 1747.
Returns to Venice, 1748.
At close of his second season at Sant' Angelo Theatre he announces that
the next year he will present sixteen plays, 1750.
Contract with Medebach expires, 1753.
Signs contract with Vendramin brothers, proprietors of San Luca Theatre, Venice, 1753.
His mother dies, 1754.
Signs a second contract with Francesco Vendramin, whose brother Antonio has died, 1756.


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